Guaranteed Credit Approval: When they say NO, Call the PRO!!

Bad things happen to good people…. Illness, injury, divorce, unemployment; whatever you’ve been through, we’re not here to judge. We take pride in helping good people establish their credit while getting a quality, dependable used vehicle with our guaranteed credit approval process. It’s fast and easy and you’ll have an opportunity to drive off the lot with a car, van or truck that fits your needs. We, more than many, understand what it’s like to have your life turned upside down. Heck, we just went through some of that ourselves our the past few months. Allow us the opportunity to get you going in the right directions with some simple steps. Here’s our guaranteed credit approval process:

First, we’ll accept a customer statement to review your position and find the lender that best suited to meet your needs.

Next we’ll review the inventory to find the vehicle that best fits your needs and the lender parameters.

Then we’ll put together a dealer structure, test drive the car and ensure that the terms work for you.

Finally, we’ll knock out the paperwork and necessary agreements, help you with any stipulations the lender requires and get you down the road in a nicer, newer car that fits your needs.

That it and that’s all. We’re hear to serve you and with our array of lending options. Our guaranteed approval process will always give you a way to go, regardless of what you’ve been through. Our second chance lending comes without judgement. Not to mention, you just have to share your story once… You can avoid talking to a salesperson, then a sales manager and finally the finance manager. We’ll save you time, money and headaches. With us, you’ll be working with a pro than can help you and has served the area for over a decade.

Guaranteed Credit Approval